The Laboratory of Tectonics of the Oceans and Peri-oceanic zones

Headed by Dr. S. D. Sokolov

The Laboratory investigates the geology of the Pacific continental margins. Multidisciplinary research is conducted in cooperation with other laboratories and it includes the traditional methods of geological mapping, stratigraphy, geochemistry, structural analysis, and paleomagnetic study. Field studies play a very important role. In recent years, our fieldwork has been focused on the Koryak–Kamchatka foldbelt. Tectonic models of development of the Koryak Upland and East Kamchatka have been worked out on the basis of the data obtained. The main results are published in papers and monographs.

The Laboratory is mainly concentrating on the following problems: (1) Tectonic mapping and regional modeling on the basis of the terrain analysis. (2) The phenomenon of tectonic layering of the lithosphere on continental and oceanic plate margins (lateral and vertical accretion). (3) Correlation of the major events in the Pacific hemisphere. (4) Accreted oceanic complexes and paleotectonic reconstructions. (5) Geodynamic scenarios and physical modeling of arc-continent collision. (6) Granitoid magmatism and continental growth.

The INTAS Project “Accretionary Tectonics of the Late Mesozoic Thrust-Fold Belt of Northeast Russia” was completed in 2000 (for brief results go to

In forthcoming years, the Laboratory will be running two projects: (1) "Paleotectonic reconstructions of the Mesozoic convergent boundary between northeastern Asia and the northwestern Pacific " (supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research) and (2) "Tectonics and geological history of the South Anyui suture". The study will be focused on ophiolites, accreted oceanic complexes, island-arc and metamorphic complexes. The Laboratory’s plans are open to interested scientists.

Various forms of creative cooperation are most welcome.
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