Fig. 14a. Variation in TiO2, FeO* (A), and Mg# (B) for high grade amphibolites (whole rock) and associated plutonic rocks of Povorotny Cape

Amphibolite and plutonic rock sampling sites symbols are the same as in Fig. 4. 1 2335 (amphibolites); 2-9435, 3 - 9425, 4 2361 (Povorotny Cape gabbros); 5 bononite gabbros from Tonga Trench (Sharaskin et al., 1983). Compositional field of boninite gabbros from Tonga Trench, SW Cyprus, Lesser Caucasus and boninites of Bonin Island shown as in (Sharaskin et al.,1983; Silantyev, in press; Zlobin and Zakariadze,1993; Hickey and Frey, 1982, respectively). Compositional fields of MAR-gabbro shown as in (Miyashiro and Shido, 1980).